Our Walled Island

On the news there are a lot of stories about how refugees are fleeing their country. They risk death coming over the sea & are pouring into Europe. I think that things must be really bad in their home for them to do this. When you hear the countries mentioned you realize this is the fault of the West. I really dislike & resent how the politicians & the media try to portray immigrants as the enemy. I dislike the complete lack of compassion & acknowledgement that our invasions in the middle east are the cause of this mass desperate rush to get into our country. I dislike how the media plays on our selfishness to justify not helping these people. We in the West have yet to experience some of the extreme poverty & corporate military bullying that many of the world’s population know. The way Monsanto steals their money & their dignity with it’s GMO seeds. Leaving them dependant on them in order to eat. The way Western corporations grab land & create more poverty wherever they go, like leeches, they suck away the world’s wealth & keep it to themselves. Many poor people go hungry while our supermarkets throw away food. There’s more than enough food to feed the world yet so much goes to waste. The same can be said of money, there’s more than enough wealth for everyone, yet some people keep most of it to themselves. How can a country feel proud of itself if it closes it’s doors to refugees that need our help because of our corporate wars. If we don’t want to let these desperate helpless people into the UK we should at least be financially & physically supporting Italy & Greece. What a selfish nation we have become. Our government does not accept the consequences of it’s actions. They build walls around their hearts & plan to build them round our shores, then look the other way, pretend their foolish war never happened. What sort of cold hearted miserly place has Britain become?

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