Insight Meditation 8

Difficult one again, I think it’s cause I let my practise slip for a bit, haven’t done any meditation for a while. I am not angry with myself or feel like giving up, or feel bothered by this, is no problem. I am feeling a stronger connection to a truth. Something which is not easy to describe, like a crab trying to describe to a fish what it is like to move about on land. No matter how well the crab describes it, the fish will never know unless it experiences it for itself.

The only way anyone can ever know the truth about God is to experience it for themself. It is a private encounter, which is a good thing, cause that way it remains wild & unconstrained & stops humans being dependant on organizations to tell them what to think or what to believe. Direct personal experience of the divine is an untamed power that can not be manipulated by those who crave power over others. It creates insights that cannot be approved or censored by authoritarian structures.

Religion Isn’t a set of rules or commandments. It Isn’t doctrine, it isn’t about elevating certain privileged people into places of authority because an impersonal God demands it.

Religion is not what the image conjures up in many of our minds when we see the word on a page.

Religion is old, it is a deeply ingrained urge within us, a natural drive. Where it came from cannot be adequately explained. It exists everywhere, in all cultures. I believe it existed before we began farming, it could be as old as language or maybe older, it is a mystery that hasn’t left humans & exists to this day, something within us that is as strong as ever.

I believe that despite authoritarian institutions being very large & still present in our modern world, there’s a revolution happening. I believe that humans are starting to claim back religion for themselves. More & more in modern society a person’s experience & perception of religion is no longer about what an institution dictates. Truth & insight is discovered through personal experience. How else are you ever going to know it? Religion isn’t something outside of you. Religion is about your own personal encounter with God, finding the kingdom of heaven within you.

Many who are institutionalised struggle to understand this, officials try to assert authority over that which doesn’t belong to them. The wild uncontrolled energy & spontaneity challenges them, makes them uncomfortable. It can be difficult to untrap yourself, frightening to let go of what you think you know, it’s easier to follow another than to discover & experience something for yourself. Or at least we are led to believe this through manipulation of fear.


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