There’s so much stuff we don’t know. This planet is roughly 4.5 billion years old, about half way through it’s life, in another 5 billion years it will be swallowed up by the sun when it goes supernova.

We humans could if we put aside our differences, used our brains more & stopped the stupidity of greed survive another 5 billion years, colonize other planets & solar systems, spread far & wide in the galaxy. We’ve only been here roughly 60 million years, look how much we’ve evolved physically in that time, if humans survive another 60 million years, our future selves may look like another species.

I sometimes wonder if aliens are actually not aliens but our future selves going back in time to harvest our DNA cause way in the future it all goes wrong & gets f#cked up, this could be due to excess cloning, excess hybridization with nanobots & machines, it messes up the dna of the future & our future selves go back in time to try & harvest as much unique genetic material as possible to randomize humans again, cause future humans derived from clones may become too inbred & sick to clone anymore, maybe the more someone is cloned the less stable their dna becomes.

The creepy grey aliens may be humans from the future desperately trying to put right their stupid mistakes & stop the human race of the future becoming extinct.

Humankind is about to embark on some crazy experiments, push new things into mainstream society that involve genetic manipulation & blurring the lines between man & machine with implants.

I think with GMO we are messing with stuff we need to take more time & discipline to understand, sadly it is being pushed by those who seek to make a profit from it, & I fear corners are being cut, & the research & time needed to make sure something is safe & not going to upset the natural balance is not taken as seriously as it should be, because the motive behind this science is greed.

The plants & animals around us have evolved very slowly over the course of millions of years, I think we are treading on thin ice to assume we can do this whole process much quicker than evolution. Science doesn’t fully understand DNA or even why it exists & it is skipping the discipline & responsibility part &  manipulating it for profit.

I dunno man, just imagining my own scifi explanation for all the weird creepy stories associated with UFOs. I will stfu now…

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