My Thoughts on Politics at the Moment & the Phantom Menace of TTIP

Well I’ve decided I don’t like any of the political parties. I will be spoiling my ballot paper, I’ve had enough of all the fearmongering & dirty tricks. They’re all as bad as each other. I would have maybe voted Green but we don’t have a Green candidate, so I’m left with the other options, I thought about voting SNP, but found out today they’re not opposed to TTIP.

If you don’t know what TTIP is, it’s the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership that Europe wants to create with America. It’s bad because there’s a clause which says that if a government creates a law or legislation that could negatively affect a corporation’s profits, then that company can sue the government.

The courts the transnat corps use to sue are their own secret biased corporate ones. Basically the government can’t win & will be forced to pay the amount they are sued for. It is called the Investor State Dispute Mechanism. It is not hard to see how this will be abused by big business, & why it is a threat to our environment, public services, homes, you name it.

I’ll give you an example, Bayer make a pesticide which is killing the bees, Europe banned the pesticide & Bayer tried to sue Europe for doing this. This is before TTIP, with TTIP they could successfully sue any government they want in Europe & force them into agreeing to sell the evil pesticide again, thus spelling the death of our bees.

Companies like Monsanto, the fracking industry, corporate agriculture, the list goes on – they could all use this threat of sueing governments to really screw up our environment. Monetise all our services, create monopolies, high rent costs, fuel bills, food, water etc etc & the government through fear of being sued will let them get away with it. It’s a corporate take over of our democracy.

Both the SNP & Labour have said they will ringfence the NHS from the investor state dispute mechanism, to protect it from TTIP; but that isn’t good enough for me. What about the environment, vital public services, employee rights, human rights?

Tory & UKIP won’t even ringfence the NHS if TTIP goes ahead. The only three parties I’m aware of who are opposed to TTIP are The Green Party, The Reality Party & The NHA Party. Every other party want TTIP.

I’m not making this up, & you won’t hear much about it on the mainstream news. Google TTIP read about it for yourself. Read about how these agreements have gone for other countries who have had them. These greedy corporations have ruined environments, made people sick from their pollution, made people poorer & the government of those countries are seemingly powerless to stop them. It’s really a shitty deal & don’t think it will be a good deal for us ordinary folk, cause it won’t, the only folk it will benefit are the wealthy.

In a sense it doesn’t matter who gets in, if they continue to put economic growth above all else, eventually it will all collapse. Voting for Tory or UKIP will just speed the process up. As both these parties are right wing & will transfer the wealth to the top a lot faster with their austerity for the poor & benefits for the rich. Labour may slow this down if they reverse the austerity, but it won’t last long, our modern lives are built on shaky foundations, finite resources & a heavy toll to the environment on which we all depend on for our survival. Whichever way any of us vote it won’t save capitalism, capitalism is dieing. If you concentrate all the wealth into the hands of a few & leave everyone else too poor to  consume then capitalism won’t work, it will collapse into a deep depression that won’t recover. Money will become worthless.

In the future there will be automation & robots doing many of the jobs people do now, unemployment will be higher than ever, the rich will get wealthier, produce more goods than ever before, but who will be able to afford to buy them?

As the environment gets more & more polluted, the more GDP, the faster our planet dies. The basic resources we take for granted now, fertile soil, clean water & air will become scarce, & when that happens money will become more & more meaningless. Countries & people will fight over fertile places, if there are any left.

Money is actually meaningless now, banks can just click a mouse & make it appear out of thin air, it isn’t real money, they lend it as credit, which becomes debt, but it has absolutely no value, it doesn’t correspond to gold or oil or anything, it is worthless, it’s an illusion.

We can’t carry on the way we are. The world is a sinking ship, oil will run out, & oil is f#cking up our environment & making the planet sick. And nobody has ever wondered if maybe that oil had a geological purpose, maybe it helped make earthquakes less severe by behaving like a shock absorber. It could have had an important purpose & we are sucking it out of the ground & not replacing it with another lubricant, are we unknowningly damaging our geology, setting ourselves up maybe for a geological disaster as a result. We really don’t know what we’re doing.

We build nuclear power stations, nuclear weapons, & can’t clean up their toxic messes when they go wrong. We fiddle about with genetics without taking time to properly test the effects of our genetic engineering, these plants that are genetically modified to kill insects, what if nature finds a way, & they do cross pollinate & grow out of control. They could wipe out our beneficial insects & that would be a huge ecological disaster. Insects can live perfectly well without us, but we can’t survive without them.

We hold deadly bacteria & viruses in our labs that we would be powerless to control if something went wrong & they got leaked into the outside world.

Animals are going extinct, deforestation is still going on, & our oceans are minging, cause of all the plastic rubbish & pollution that goes into them.

Hardly any politicians have the foresight or progressive thinking to deal with what is to come. They keep wheeling out the same old fashioned politics, which are nothing more than useless sticking plasters being put on a gangrenous wound.

Eventually that wound will be fatal…


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