Sign This to Protect our Forests

The government wants to sell off our forests to private developers. Sign this petition to tell the house of lords not to approve this.

The woods, forests & wild places are sacred & essential for our survival. I think we’ve hurt the environment enough, it’s time to stop damaging it & start letting it heal.


Honestly this government are like evil personified, I wonder if they have malevolant laughs every time they try to sneak a new law that will destroy us or the environment. I wonder if they’re even human, maybe when they’re alone in a cabinet meeting they pull off their latex masks & they’re actually aliens from Doctor Who.

Seriously they don’t seem to have any policies that care about the environment or people.

It’s really bad that none of these laws they try to sneak through gets reported on the media.

Every new law/policy they come up with seems to be designed to cause more suffering, what’s wrong with these people?

None of them seem to have any good left in their soul. Politicians remind me of those evil dark vulture like creatures from the movie : ‘The Dark Crystal’

At the moment it seems to be one thing after another, it feels like they are deliberately trying to destroy everything – it’s crazy, these people should not be in charge.

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