Sign This to Protect our Forests

The government wants to sell off our forests to private developers. Sign this petition to tell the house of lords not to approve this.

The woods, forests & wild places are sacred & essential for our survival. I think we’ve hurt the environment enough, it’s time to stop damaging it & start letting it heal.


Honestly this government are like evil personified, I wonder if they have malevolant laughs every time they try to sneak a new law that will destroy us or the environment. I wonder if they’re even human, maybe when they’re alone in a cabinet meeting they pull off their latex masks & they’re actually aliens from Doctor Who.

Seriously they don’t seem to have any policies that care about the environment or people.

It’s really bad that none of these laws they try to sneak through gets reported on the media.

Every new law/policy they come up with seems to be designed to cause more suffering, what’s wrong with these people?

None of them seem to have any good left in their soul. Politicians remind me of those evil dark vulture like creatures from the movie : ‘The Dark Crystal’

At the moment it seems to be one thing after another, it feels like they are deliberately trying to destroy everything – it’s crazy, these people should not be in charge.


The Hypocrisy of the War on Drugs

When I used to smoke it, I knew nothing about cannabis. I haven’t touched it for ten years now, but lately the only pain relief I have is paracetamol. I was prescribed opiates, but the doctor weaned me off those cause they gave me really nasty analgesic headache. However there isn’t anything as effective to replace them. I can’t take ibuprofen cause it has a bad effect on me, causes bleeding in my stomach, same goes for aspirin. I don’t even bother with paracetamol anymore cause it doesn’t do anything unless I have a cold. The anti-depressants & the baclofen don’t help much, somebody suggested to me I try cannabis to see if that helps.

I haven’t done so yet, I’ve just been researching it, the more I read, the more it seems to have amazing medicinal value. Sativex is not available here due to the cost, so the only way to try it is to get it off the black market, but it’s hard to know what you’re getting, what the THC & CBD levels are, or if it has glass or iron filings in it (some dealers put this crap in to add to the weight of the buds.) It is really frustrating, cause if it was legal I could purchase or grow the strain I need without worrying about quality. Most weed on the street will have very high THC levels with little or no CBD, whilst THC is useful medically, it isn’t as effective for pain relief & spasticity unless it has some CBD in it as well. Interestingly CBD is also an anti-psychotic, & it helps to protect against the possible negative psychological effects of THC. Kind of ironic really, with all the media scare stories about cannabis, that it actually contains a compound which protects people against psychosis & is why people breeding cannabis should be very careful about increasing THC levels. This is because the plant can’t produce high levels of both, so if you breed it to increase THC it will produce less CBD.

So at the moment I’m considering selling some belongings to take a holiday to Amsterdam where I can try the strain of cannabis I think might help me. If it improves my condition & helps me, then I think we will sell this flat & move there.

I really dislike politicians, I wish they’d stop being such draconian arseholes & just legalize it. The whole war on drugs is ridiculous. If you ban substances because of harm, then you should ban alcohol, coffee & tobacco as well. To keep these three legal whilst criminalizing the other drugs is just hypocrisy & creates more crime & turns the police against communities they should be protecting, not persecuting.

In fact it’s total hypocrisy. If you’re going to ban something cause of concerns about harm, then you should ban horse riding like David Nutt suggests, ban hang gliding, anything dangerous; hell more people die from crossing the road than they do from cannabis, ban roads & cars…

This whole recreational vs medical argument is hypocritical as well. Saying it isn’t OK to use drugs recreationally, when millions of people, (politicians & police included,) go out drinking alcoholic drinks for recreational fun every weekend.

Alcohol can really screw up people’s lives, is addictive, can be overdosed on & causes far more harm than cannabis does. You can die on alcohol & ruin your liver, none of this happens with cannabis. These prohibition laws in the UK are stupid & just create crime, not prevent it.

Another thing is the rise of legal synthetic drugs, which are even more harmful than the banned substances, I think people would be less likely to use these if cannabis was legal, why would they want to bother with spice or bathsalts, when they can safely & legally get cannabis which is far less harmful?

Another silly myth is that cannabis is a gateway drug. In Amsterdam they became more tolerant of cannabis & allowed it to be sold & consumed in coffee shops, this brought down the use of hard drugs. One of the reasons people move onto other drugs is cause dealers often sell them as well as cannabis, or because somebody can’t get hold of cannabis. I mean you could argue the same about tobacco & alcohol being gateway drugs, it’s a totally daft argument that carries no scientific proof.

Politicians also argue they don’t want to legalize it because they don’t want to send out the wrong message. This is hypocrisy because they’ve been sending out the wrong message for a much more harmful drug for years – alcohol. Some politicians seem to have their hands permanently glued to a pint glass.

Anyone who argues prohibition works is living in a different reality. Every day tonnes of drugs reach the UK, customs doesn’t catch them all, so many drugs are in the UK, that they can’t even keep them out of prison. If they can’t stop drugs reaching people in prison, then what chance do they have of stopping them reaching towns & cities in Britain. All prohibition does is make drug use more dangerous, creates more crime, funds mafias, & turns addicts & people using cannabis to help with chronic health conditions into criminals.

The way most governments of the world treat cannabis & get so hysterical about controlling it; you’d think it was a dangerous nuclear missile or something, not a plant. To my knowledge in the long history of use, 4000+years it hasn’t killed anyone, apparently even the buddha used it regularly. This odd behaviour by governments, & the fear of a fairly harmless plant is bewildering. Like David Nutt says, the biggest harm you can get from cannabis is a criminal record. Yeah there’s a potential for abuse, but that same potential applies to tea & coffee, & people have died from caffeine addiction. If it is legal & accepted in society, then people who find they have a habit that’s out of control can go & get help from a doctor, like you do with alcohol or tobacco. Under prohibition, people addicted to anything illegal will avoid going to a doctor for help from fear of getting a criminal record. Most cannabis users can use it sensibly without any problems, just like people who drink alcohol.

In Colorado all the bad things people said would happen with cannabis legalization, haven’t. People are generally sensible in their use of it, same as people in general are sensible with alcohol. But unlike alcohol, it has reduced crime, (obviously, cause the police aint busting cannabis growers anymore there,) but it has also reduced gun crime, increased taxes, which has been put back into education & increased employment, & made people in general happier.Cannabis is looking as if it will be legalised across the whole of the US & possibly Canada in the next five years.

Is really frustrating the UK still won’t grow up about the crazy war on drugs. I’ve heard it is because the drinks industry has a huge lobby & actually bribes ministers to keep cannabis illegal, because it fears losing profits.

The UK drugs policy is nothing to do with science… Just makes me feel so frustrated that the only way to use a medication that might help me is to move to another country, the UK as usual is just about politicians putting their fingers in their ears & saying they’re right & everyone else is wrong & nothing is going to change.

The UK will just drag it’s heels, because the drinks industry & the tabloids are too powerful.

I’ll probably be in my 80’s before they finally legalize it & die of a heart attack from the shock…