Windy Day

It’s a stormy evening, & it’s animal hospital here again, just rescued a beautiful thrush that had got caught out by the wind. One of the cats got it & brought it in the house & plonked it at my feet still alive.

I picked the poor bird up gently, fed it some mealy bugs then took it to a sheltered spot outside, left some more mealy bugs & gave it some quiet & space. Went to check on it just now & it was gone, so I’m hoping it managed to fly back to it’s nest once the shock of the nightmare it had just been through had simmered down. Will go check again later with a torch, but hopefully it was a successful rescue.

The cats however are completely bewildered by me, & scratching at the doors to be let out, so they can find it & show me what they were expecting me to do with the bird. I think they can stay in tonight…

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