Random Thoughts

Feeling really unwell at the moment & very low. My muscles & body hurt & the meds I’m on are not helping much. I’m going to see my doctor tomorrow to ask about better meds. Sometimes wonder a bit morbidly if my time is running out soon & I’ll get to find the answers about what happens after this life. It could just be my depression talking, at least I hope it is, cause I still have a lot of music & pictures & writing left in me; but my body does feel weak just now & I have very little energy.

Been working on a new tune today. It feels like one of my better ones, has a good emotional vibe about it. I love my synth, it is my favourite possession, it connects me to a deeper self, almost like dreaming, helps me clear my head & be in the moment & also somewhere else. I see sound as colour in my mind & to me music & painting are part of the same source.

Worried about all this talk on the news about changing our human rights. I think human rights should not be decided by politicians especially Tory ones. The only reason I can imagine the government is so keen to ditch the European court of human rights, is cause they have something dodgy planned. I don’t want people like Cameron deciding what a person’s rights should be.

Money is a problem, elitism needs to be wiped out, in a non-violent way.

A maximum wage would be a good idea, as long as the government taxes the corporation properly, otherwise you’ll end up with the person at the top who started the company pocketing the savings in wages.

What would be good, is if communities ran themselves without state intervention, state intervention should only occur if human rights are being violated. Communities when they get together are more than capable of running themselves & know what’s best for them.

In the future robots will be doing most of the jobs & many people will be unemployed, in that situation it could become a utopia or a brutal unequal society with a lot of poverty. If we stop this elitism, we could all live comfortably, the robots & computers will be doing most of the jobs, freeing up everyone’s time to do the things they want to do, without fear of society collapsing due to nobody working. The wealth could be distributed equally & maybe we could concentrate on helping each other & fixing the environmental damage caused by industry.

Today it was announced on the radio that the government is going to heavily subsidize EDF to build a new nuclear power station. Part of the agreement was that electricity bills will be twice as high as they are now.

Who the Hell does that benefit?

And even more disturbing, why is the government subsidizing nuclear power which although carbon free, is very expensive & incredibly dangerous, as past nuclear disasters show us, such as Chernobyl & Fukushima?

The amount of money being spent to subsidize nuclear power & fracking, could be used to subsidize cleaner, renewable eco friendly alternatives. It just makes no sense, why when the earth is in crisis, & we are about to witness the mass extinction of life due to manmade environmental damage; the government isn’t throwing all it’s resources into sorting this out?

To me that shows how dangerous having a government has become, because we are dependant on the state to stop this catastrophe. It isn’t just down to people, the state of this planet can only be properly fixed if the governments do something about it & stop subsidizing the very things that are destroying it. When most of the public are opposed to fracking, yet the government just ignores them & goes ahead & does it; that is very troubling. There is more to life than economics & GDP.

It is a frustrating & crazy situation right now.

If these politicians want the position of power; then they should damn well take the responsibility.


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