The Difficult Path of Mercy

Trying really hard to understand the concept of mercy. A lot of these politicans & corporations, I just want to punch them. They hurt so many people, do little to help the earth, have only their own interests at heart & I feel the world would be a better place without them. People would be free from pointless laws & inequality which just make a lot of folk unhappy. There should only be two laws, do no harm to another, & don’t try to control anyone, let them live their life the way they want to be. As long as that way of life respects the rights of another, & does no harm to the people around them, let it be.

I’m tired of this world man. I don’t like it, it’s too restrictive & doesn’t respect the planet which is it’s home. Treats many animals & people as objects to be exploited for profit. Forces people into a narrow dull material way of thinking that makes many feel empty, afraid & trapped in a life they wish was different.

Tossing people out onto the street, who are conditioned from childhood to be dependant on money, sanctioning someone’s benefts, when there’s very few jobs around & no hope of finding employment if you’re sick or homeless is evil. When you got no money, no electric, how do you wash, if you can’t sort out your hygiene noone will employ you, if you’ve no fixed abode, can’t get a bank account, noone will give you a job. How do you keep up the energy if you can’t eat.

You can’t even survive long in the wild these days, there’s so little of it left, & what is left is slowly fading away. There’s hardly anywhere to go where there isn’t people. It feels like we’ve been forced into this existence often against our will & if you don’t like it you’re made to feel powerless to change it.

This can’t be all there is to our lives, we’re worth more than this, we should be free, not trapped in this cold unnatural socio economic system.

So how do you forgive & try to help those who have done so much wrong?

If we could somehow find a way to change our enemies minds, so they realized their error & changed, saw things differently. After all they are human too, when they were born they didn’t have all these hateful ideologies. The circumstances of their lives & their education moulded them into who they are today.

So perhaps it is the job of those who see, those who care to try & liberate these people from the internal prison of conditioned thinking. Which isn’t easy. Letting go of anger & trying to help these people instead of hating them feels like it goes against the grain inside, but maybe it’s the only way this world can ever change for the better.

While never condoning their reprehensible actions, we should try to set our enemies free, help them see the light. Help them discover empathy, & a better path…. Maybe this is the only way to set us all free.


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