Spiral Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy: http://youtu.be/hgslbcOW6PE

My latest music video, music composed by me & the images are taken from hubble telescope. Going to try & upload more music over the coming months, I’m not really any good at videos, but can’t afford the Soundcloud subscription, youtube is free & doesn’t have limits to how much I can upload, so moving my stuff over to youtube now.

It blows my mind to think we’re in a galaxy with roughly 20 billion stars & out there could be billions of galaxies.

Makes you realize how tiny we all are, how meaningless & insignificant politics is.

Yet it also makes you think how precious we are, the life on this planet could be unique, there is more than likely a lot of life in this universe on other planets, but they, like us, may also be unique lifeforms having followed different evolutionary paths due to different circumstances/environments. There may not be other life exactly like the life here. Which makes this earth precious, this could be the only planet in the universe that has polar bears or other life currently endangered. This is a critical point in our history, a time when we need to stop following the self destructive path of industry & GDP. The earth is priceless & it’s time to work with nature, not exploit it, don’t need to go back to the dark ages, but we can develop cleaner technologies, get rid of plastic, use biodegradeable alternatives & develop more eco friendly ways to produce our energy.

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