Sad Day

(Sorry in advance if this post sounds like a rant.) I will post my thoughts on yesterday’s events, get it out of my system, & go silent for a bit online. Feel a bit low & probably need some time to come to terms with things & what will now be the future.

I think England is on the precipice of a right wing disaster at the moment & eventually people will be forced back into the nastiness of the Victorian era.

Scotland had a chance to pull away from that & do things differently, create a whole new political system & a way of doing things that could have been an inspiraton to the rest of the world, now it’s too late.

You can’t trust Westminster, devomax is a con. It is like giving a child pastry that’s been cut off the edges of a pie; so they can play & cut shapes out of it, but not letting them touch the actual pie.

Devomax is dependant on the budget Scotland gets from Westminster, & Tories who are notorious tightwads, are already talking of cutting Scotland’s budget. The so called super dooper powers being promised will now go through a process of being diluted to keep the backbenchers happy.

The bastards at Westminster will now use the referendum as an excuse to keep all the North sea oil revenue & get rid of the Barnet formula. They will  begrudgingly give a few crumbs to Scotland, & as they do, make out how generous they’re being & why it was right to stay in the London centric union.  The resources of Scotland will continue to feed the troughs of the greedy bankers of London.

Voting No was a huge mistake. People will realize that in the end, but it will be too late.

I hope when people realize they’ve been scammed they’ll rise up, not just in Scotland but all over the UK.

But with a population who thinks protesting is voting for a far right party like Ukip, I’m not holding my breath. 

I feel pretty low right now, seems every time there’s an election or referendum, fear always beats hope. What’s the point in fighting anymore? I feel like giving up. I’m just going to throw myself into my music for a bit, learn self sufficiency & how to survive without money. Try & get ready for the shitstorm that’s coming when there’s a Tory/Ukip coalition next year, God help us.

One last thing before I turn off my social media, & hide from the world for a bit:

The BBC pisses me off, they are a corrupt biased corporation, funded by the people to deceive them.  Glad I never paid the license fee for that propaganda machine.

Think I need a bit of time to sort my head out, feel pretty despondent just now.

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