Sad Day

(Sorry in advance if this post sounds like a rant.) I will post my thoughts on yesterday’s events, get it out of my system, & go silent for a bit online. Feel a bit low & probably need some time to come to terms with things & what will now be the future.

I think England is on the precipice of a right wing disaster at the moment & eventually people will be forced back into the nastiness of the Victorian era.

Scotland had a chance to pull away from that & do things differently, create a whole new political system & a way of doing things that could have been an inspiraton to the rest of the world, now it’s too late.

You can’t trust Westminster, devomax is a con. It is like giving a child pastry that’s been cut off the edges of a pie; so they can play & cut shapes out of it, but not letting them touch the actual pie.

Devomax is dependant on the budget Scotland gets from Westminster, & Tories who are notorious tightwads, are already talking of cutting Scotland’s budget. The so called super dooper powers being promised will now go through a process of being diluted to keep the backbenchers happy.

The bastards at Westminster will now use the referendum as an excuse to keep all the North sea oil revenue & get rid of the Barnet formula. They will  begrudgingly give a few crumbs to Scotland, & as they do, make out how generous they’re being & why it was right to stay in the London centric union.  The resources of Scotland will continue to feed the troughs of the greedy bankers of London.

Voting No was a huge mistake. People will realize that in the end, but it will be too late.

I hope when people realize they’ve been scammed they’ll rise up, not just in Scotland but all over the UK.

But with a population who thinks protesting is voting for a far right party like Ukip, I’m not holding my breath. 

I feel pretty low right now, seems every time there’s an election or referendum, fear always beats hope. What’s the point in fighting anymore? I feel like giving up. I’m just going to throw myself into my music for a bit, learn self sufficiency & how to survive without money. Try & get ready for the shitstorm that’s coming when there’s a Tory/Ukip coalition next year, God help us.

One last thing before I turn off my social media, & hide from the world for a bit:

The BBC pisses me off, they are a corrupt biased corporation, funded by the people to deceive them.  Glad I never paid the license fee for that propaganda machine.

Think I need a bit of time to sort my head out, feel pretty despondent just now.


Scottish Referendum

An independant parliament with proportional representation. Free of Westminster & the corporate politics of London. A chance to do things differently.

Got to be worth a shot (:

My heart says go for it, it’s true I’m a bit nervous, it’s like heading into the unknown; but to be honest with the way things are going in Britain, I see things getting worse unless someone stands up to this corrupt system & challenges these political classes. Britain is supposed to be one of the wealthiest places in the world, yet most of us don’t see that wealth, it is concentrated in the hands of the super rich in London. Who then demonize the poor to appease their conscience & justify not sharing their vast wealth, saying it is somehow our fault for not trying hard enough, murdering  the poor with these inhumane benefit sanctions. Nobody should be without money in a society where we are conditioned to depend on it for survival. Sanctioning people & expecting them to survive on nothing is murder. Nobody in Britain should be needing to use foodbanks. Enough is enough.

Sometimes in life you have to take a leap of faith for things to change for the better.

Whatever the result of the referendum tomorrow I hope it starts a chain reaction in the whole of the UK & the majority stand up & demand change to this corrupt political system.

Well time for bed, & away to the voting booth I go tommorrow… Got butterflies inside me man.