Music & Electricity


Working on the music again after a few days of feeling like shit. Feels good, it is the only activity that seems to sort my head out and connect me with my soul.

Think I’ve produced the first 10 minutes of the hour long piece I’m working on.

My synth is without doubt my favourite possesion. Trying to figure out how to power it without using the mains, so if in the future we can’t afford electricity or there’s regular powercuts, will still be able to power it using a homemade generator.

Solar power isn’t much use here for a lot of the year, my solar panel only seems to work on hot clear days, & doesn’t produce much voltage when it’s cloudy, so I need to figure out another way to generate electricity that takes advantage of the natural resources we have plenty of on the island.

It rains a lot here, so if I could figure out a way to produce electricity via water, that would be the answer I think. One way would be to seperate the hydrogen from the oxygen, but in a way that doesn’t involve electrolysis, could maybe then build a generator that runs on hydrogen…

High altitude wind power may work, but I will probably get in trouble with the local authority if I stick a high altitude wind turbine above our house…

Could use these generators to charge up high power rechargeable batteries, like the ones in my mobility scooter; so that way would only need the generator to produce the amount of amps needed to do this.

The problem is nowadays the stuff we use in our houses consumes a lot of energy. So working out a way to produce a homemade energy grid in mostly cloudy conditions is a challenge.


Fracking is Bad


Fracking is going to be a bad thing for Britain. It is a tough battle, the police will be brutal towards protests; may even find people being imprisoned for it. There’s too much money at stake for the investors of shale gas, they will do whatever it takes. It’s possible there’s trillions of £ shale gas underneath Britain; but the cost to get it is going to be thousands of wells, with dodgy regulation in place, close to our homes & underneath them; there will be leaks, a lot of noise and pollution & a very real danger people’s water will be contaminated, fracking uses a cocktail of toxic chemicals, these can enter the water suppy via a process known as flowback. This is not water you want in your local supply, it is dirty toxic water. For Britain to extract the kind of gas they are aiming for won’t involve just 20 – 30 wells, we’re talking hundreds/thousands; with that many wells, accidents and leaks are highly likely to occur. This flowback water is also very difficult to treat and the regular water treatment plants we have are not adequate to deal with the removal of the chemicals involved in fracking.

It is going to be an impossible fight to win, but I’d rather try fighting & losing, than doing nothing. Money isn’t everything, money is an illusion, in reality money is worthless and people will realise that in the end, cause it’s true, you can’t eat or drink money.

Industry is nothing to be proud of, especially now with the world on the brink of a precipice. These old fashioned values & ways of running society aint going to cut it now. We humans need to change our ways, this could be our last chance. The earth is already sick from our actions, animals are going extinct, we are now entering the beginning of another mass extinction in Earth’s history, except the difference this time, is we are the perpetrators of it.

I found out today Scotland plans to build a new town in the middle of a national park. This is sad, of all the places to build a new town, a national park shouldn’t be one of them.

Also found out the Church of England backs fracking cause it stands to make a lot of money from it by leasing out it’s land.

People just don’t care about the environment, not even those who claim to be servants of God. It’s like a sickness of our soul, we’ve drunk the wine of Babylon, gotten intoxicated by it & can’t see what it’s doing to the earth, the earth we depend on. The wine is oil.

Do you think if there is a God, he/she would endorse what we human beings have done to this planet?

Our time is running out, for the religous among us, & the atheists, whatever you believe (make it a metaphor if you like, just replace God with the natural world, if it makes it easier for you to accept.)

You cannot love both God & Mammon

First Entry

This is my own personal blog. This comprises of my own thoughts & feelings about things & is in no way connected to any politics, religion or any other organisation.

I try and write from my heart, so some of it may be a bit raw at times. I feel strongly about things and get strong urges to write them down.

So I have started this blog, as an outlet for me to do this.